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  • Please list any or all of the products you would like to sample (List shown below, Please note availability may vary depending on current stock):
        1. Mango Kush Terpene Concentrate
        2. OG Kush Terpene Concentrate
        3. Grand Daddy Purple Terpene Concentrate
        4. Super Lemon Haze Terpene Concentrate
        5. Candy Jack Terpene Concentrate
        6. Jack Herer Terpene Concentrate
        7. Girl Scout Cookies Terpene Concentrate
        8. Gorilla Glue Terpene Concentrate
        9. Cheese Terpene Concentrate
        10. Train Wreck Ter pene Concentrate
        11. Harlequin Terpene Concentrate
        12. Tangie Terpene Concentrate
        13. Strawberry Diesel Terpene Concentrate
        14. WINGMAN Herb Enhancing Blend

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PLEASE NOTESAMPLES FOR COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS AND COMMERCIAL USE ONLY (commercial Concentrate manufacturers, businesses, producers of vape liquids, CBD product products, Edbiles, Candle & Fragrance products, and other products that could benefit from the use of Terpenes). 

ALL products listed on this site are Naturally sourced and 100% LEGAL (products do not contain any cannabis, do not contain any cannabinoids, and do not contain any hemp)

Thank you for your interest in our products.

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