About Us

SkyCloud Terpenes specializes in Terpene distribution, development of Terpene based Products, and providing solutions for businesses who have a need or can benefit from the use of Terpenes in their own products.  Having secured strong, and in some cases, exclusive relationships with international and domestic manufacturers of Terpenes we can offer a variety of products for the Terpene industry and its users.   SkyCloud has an exclusive relationship with a research & development team of individuals who are PHD’s in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Neuroscience.  Using this resource we can create customized Terpene profiles to meet customers' specific needs, specifications, and requirements.  We offer custom solutions tailored to benefit companies who have their own unique products and need unique solutions to enhance those products.  Sourcing of our products and quality control are a top priority at SkyCloud.  We only offer products that are Food or Lab grade quality, biologically or naturally sourced, safe for human consumption, and contain the industry quality standards such as ISO9001, GMP, Kosher, and other third party quality certifications.  All products currently being offered are 100% legal and have no travel or shipping restrictions.  Having multiple supply and manufacturing sources allows us to provide large order quantities in very short time frames consistently.  Our focus on B2B and business solutions makes SkyCloud a great choice for any company in the market for Terpenes and product development to help grow their business.  

Contact us today to learn more or request a sample of our products at [email protected]

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